7 Breastfeeding Essentials For The Nursing Mama

  1. Courtney says:

    Currently 2 months postpartum and am mostly breastfeeding, but also pump while traveling and/or am out and about. I couldn’t agree more with these recommendations! I love my haaka! It has allowed me to build a stash without being stressed about pumping. I also eat Larabars during my nighttime feedings! I found that they make mini ones and those have been perfect for me. The only item on this list I wasn’t huge on for breastfeeding was the boppy. It was hard for me to position it right and have resorted to a normal bed pillow but still use the boppy for tummy time. I love the silverettes and my earth mama balm.. although that did irritate my baby’s skin, so I have to wipe it off before feeding. I use the same washable nursing pads and love those, live in my nursing bras and tank tops (love them) and lots of big water bottles around the house. I also really like my breast therapy pads that can be warmed up or frozen. I was able to use those and my haaka to unclog a painful clogged duct within a few hours.

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