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Women have the strongest, bravest hearts I know, and I want to give them that same confidence in their bodies. You can do the workouts you love during and after pregnancy. You can prepare your body for motherhood and postpartum. You can find relief for pelvic floor dysfunction and even stop pain before it starts.

Check out the blog for my latest pregnancy-safe workout tips, educational tools, and postpartum recovery ideas to support your body at every stage, and everyday movement you’ll love.


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Find a workout routine that will sustain you through your entire pregnancy or postpartum journey, building strength and supporting you with resources to guide you through every week. 

Learn to look in the mirror and love the powerful woman you see looking back.


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Hey Momma!

I'm Dr. Mae Hughes

I’m a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, a mama to a new little girl, and a fitness fiend who’s passionate about helping women feel strong during every part of their pregnancy and prepared for a healthy postpartum journey.

My business is built on the belief that women should feel strong, confident, and capable in their pregnancy journey – you don’t have to walk on eggshells for nine months. You can move, lift, and thrive as you grow your new little life.

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How to Optimize Your Pelvic Floor & Postpartum

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7 Mobility Moves 

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Movement through Pregnancy 

In this course, you’ll find 37 progressive weeks of pregnancy-safe workouts filmed during my own pregnancy, paired with 15 educational modules to guide you through bodily changes and common diagnoses. The end result? Educated and empowered mamas-to-be. 

Movement through Early Postpartum

In this course, you’ll find support, education and daily movement to guide you through your first 12 weeks after childbirth, whether you had a vaginal or cesarean delivery. You’ll learn how to heal from delivery, restore your core and pelvic floor, and understand your postpartum body. 

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Pregnancy Mobility Guide

Pregnancy Mobility Guide


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Taylor W.

"Mae’s communication and diligence gave me confidence and trust throughout my treatment. Mae helped me to recover quickly from multiple injuries and to get back into swimming pain-free. She has exceeded my expectations for PT and was a huge resource throughout my recovery."

Missy C.

"Dr. Mae was very important in my rehab journey and she is truly the reason why my transition went so smoothly. She got me in great shape and helped me get back stronger than I was before. She pushed me and well as motivated me every day to get back to where I left off prior to pregnancy."

/  4 months postpartum

Venessa V.

"I'm really loving my PT exercises! I can already feel my body becoming stronger. For example I noticed when I get up from sitting in a chair after feeding my baby, TJ, that it's easier for me now."

/  30 weeks

Casey H.

"The hardest part of my pregnancy has definitely been my back pain. I’ve been going to Dr. Mae Hughes since the 1st trimester, will continue to see her after my c-section, and cannot recommend her more for any stage of pregnancy/postpartum."

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