You are powerful, mama.
Work out like you know it. 

When I found out I was pregnant, I started to work out like I was training for a very specific kind of marathon — because I was. Labor and delivery is no cakewalk, and I wanted to walk into my birthing suite strong, confident, and ready. I incorporated safe cardio throughout my pregnancy, and I was lifting heavy weights the very morning before I welcomed my little girl into the world.

As it turns out, training well during pregnancy is a major key to a healthy postpartum journey. If labor and delivery is a marathon, then motherhood is like being handed a 7-pound dumbbell just as you cross the finish line that continues to get heavier with every passing week. Building strength and stamina will take you from pregnant to postpartum without chronic pain, even as you carry the carseat or lean over into the crib every night.

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My husband and I have checked quite a few off of our list as a couple, but I think it’ll be even more fun to explore as a family.

One day, I hope to visit every National Park in the USA.

I’m in a sand volleyball league here in Nashville, and I love it!

My competitive side comes out most in the sand, not the gym.

My husband and dog love the outdoors just as much as I do, and I know we’ll raise our little girl to feel the same way.

When I’m not with clients, you’ll often find me on hikes or walking trails with my family.

I’ve worked through hip pain and late night feeding exhaustion, too! I understand, and I’m here for you.

As a new mama myself, I’m the kind of physical therapist who actually gets what you’re going through.

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Pregnancy Mobility Guide

Pregnancy Mobility Guide


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