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Here, you’ll find an ever-growing library of training, education, and courses for women who are expecting, postpartum, or strengthening and healing their pelvic floor. 

Movement Through Pregnancy

In this course, you’ll find 37 progressive weeks of pregnancy-safe workouts filmed during my own pregnancy, paired with 15 educational modules to guide you through bodily changes and common diagnoses. The end result? Educated and empowered mamas-to-be. 

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50+ workouts

37 weeks

300+ exercises

Movement through Early Postpartum

In this course, you’ll find support, education and daily movement to guide you through your first 12 weeks after childbirth, whether you had a vaginal or cesarean delivery. You’ll learn how to heal from delivery, restore your core and pelvic floor, understand your postpartum body, and rebuild your full body strength.

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40+ educational modules

12 weeks of workouts

cesarean and vaginal tracks

The movement Bundle

By purchasing The Movement Bundle you will receive lifetime access to both Movement Through Pregnancy and Movement Through Early Postpartum. Get the education, support and movement you need to stay strong, recover and rebuild from bump to birth and beyond!

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60+ workouts

50+ educational modules

Pregnancy Mobility Guide

Pregnancy Mobility Guide


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