My favorite support underwear that provide gentle compression to help with pelvic swelling and pain!

support bloomers

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Provides compression from the bottom up to support your growing belly.

belly support band

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I have yet to find the perfect pair to support the bumpy, but these are pretty darn good.

Maternity Leggings

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These are worth the extra buck. I sized up from my pre-pregnancy size and you just cannot beat the quality.

align leggings

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Another non-maternity bra that I sized up in and it truly feels like a cloud…no irritating rubbings on the ribs at all.

like a cloud bra

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Postpartum Recovery

Because nobody has time for constipation while taking care of a newborn.

Squatty Potty

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I love this one because it is super lightweight and stretchy making it easy to pull down for feedings.

Nursing Bralette

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Whether you delivered vaginally or via cesarean, you definitely want this.

postpartum recovery kit

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These provide fantastic relief for hemorrhoids, swelling, and itching after delivery, but go ahead and use them during pregnancy as well!

tucks pad

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The only PJs I wore during pregnancy and postpartum. The buttons provide great access for skin-skin and nursing.


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Pelvic Floor Tools

A trigger point release tool…but for your pelvic floor!

Pelvic Wand

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Because tailbone pain is a REAL thing.

Tailbone Cushion

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A c-section scar massage essential.

Silicone Cupping Set

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This is a super helpful book I recommend to all of my patients experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction. A short read that is easy to digest!

Restoring the Pelvic Floor

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Exercise Equipment

A pregnancy and postpartum fitness MUST HAVE. I have all of my patients get one and we use it for labor positioning and prep.

birth/exercise ball

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One of my favorite ways to better engage the core and pelvic floor with exercise!

pilates ball

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So many effective workouts can be done using only these.

mini bands

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I use this one all of the time for core work especially.

resistance loop

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bao bei body

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Women's pelvic floor products

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intimate rose

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Quinn st.

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