feel educated and empowered while preparing for pregnancy

educational videos and workouts for each week of pregnancy broken down into four separate days –  upper body, lower body, full body, and pelvic floor & core

Does this sound familiar?

✷ You are overwhelmed by all the conflicting information out there about movement during pregnancy. What is safe? What is best?  You just want someone qualified to tell you how to prepare your body for baby.

✷ You were active pre-pregnancy, but now you want to optimize your training for your new phase in life. You want to prevent things like pregnancy pain and postpartum diastasis recti, and you are looking for a program to help you do just that.

✷ You are struggling with pregnancy aches and pains, and you want to find some relief. You are looking for a program specifically designed to help support your changing body, and help you build strength and stability for labor, delivery, and beyond.

You're in the right place, mama.

Your body was literally created to create new life and bring it into the world.

But traditional exercise just doesn’t cut it when it comes to preparing your pelvic floor, core and FULL BODY for pregnancy. As I am sure you’re aware, your body undergoes a lot of changes to prepare for labor and delivery. One of the most impactful is increased ligamentous laxity. 

Each trimester your ligaments get more and more lax to prepare you for labor, so you’ll need strong muscles to keep everything in place as those ligaments contract again over time. Ligamentous laxity is the culprit of the most common pregnancy and postpartum pains, so working to build strength and stability during your pregnancy can help you solve problems before they start.

This is where I come in.

 Everything we should know as moms, dr. mae has given to you in this amazing course!

-Shawn johnson east

Which is why I created


Let’s take a peek inside:

Week by week workouts that grow while you do.

Each week, your body is growing and changing, so naturally this program will grow and change with you. From week 5 to week 41, you will have a unique set of exercises that are specifically designed for what your body needs in real time. Plus- all the videos were filmed while I was pregnant myself, so you know I am right there with you the whole way!

Three core elements of training.

As a certified strength and conditioning specialist and pelvic floor PT, Dr. Mae understands the importance of a well rounded training program. Which is why this program works specifically along the 3 core elements of prenatal fitness: Functional Movement, Full Body Strength and Pelvic Floor Stability.

Comprehensive pregnancy education.

Education is empowering, especially when you are going through something as life changing as pregnancy. That is why included with the program is 15 lessons of educational content ranging from common diagnoses and bodily changes like SI joint pain, to how to properly contract your pelvic floor. You will come away from the program feeling confident and empowered in your body.

What's Included?

50+ unique workouts for you to follow through each stage of your pregnancy, with modifications included as needed.

50+ unique workouts

37 weeks of workouts from week 5 through 41 , filmed during Mae’s pregnancy so that you can see how each movement should look and feel.


300+ exercises that build strength and power from the comfort of your own home.

300+ exercises

15 educational modules that address common diagnoses and bodily changes like SI joint pain, pelvic girdle pain, and more.

15 educational modules

✷ You are a pregnant woman who is looking to prepare her body for labor and delivery

✷ You are struggling with pregnancy pain or discomfort, and you want to begin moving intentionally through pregnancy

✷ You are unsure how to move in a way that is not only safe for your baby, but is the most effective way possible
✷ You want to prevent postpartum problems like diastasis recti and peeing when you sneeze

This program is right for you if:

Working with a pelvic floor physical therapist in person can be a bit of a luxury. Not only do you have to be able to spend a few hours a week away from work or your kids, but it's not always covered by insurance and can be outside of the average person’s budget.

For example, working with me in person 3-4 times a week (like we do in this program) would be upwards of $500 a week.

And if you are like the average person, that just isn’t sustainable.

Which is why you won’t pay $500 a month for this program. Not even close.

That was my biggest motivation behind creating this program. Making pelvic floor work and pregnancy conditioning accessible for everyone.

Ready to get moving? Let's do this momma!

Once you purchase Movement Through Pregnancy, you have LIFETIME ACCESS!
No expiration date. No subscriptions.


Movement through Pregnancy

✷ 37 weeks of workouts from 5 weeks to 41 to support your pelvic floor, core and full body during pregnancy

✷ 15 educational lessons to keep you informed as your body changes and to address common aches and pains of pregnancy

✷ Online community of other pregnant women where you can get support and guidance from Dr. Mae 

✷ Mobility drills to help you prepare for labor in the third trimester

Lifetime access for access for future pregnancies

Will this program work for me if I have never worked out before?

This program is perfect for someone at every level. The exercises have modifications if you need them, and you can tailor it to your experience level. Cheers to you for doing what is best for your body and baby! 

If I am in my 3rd trimester, will this still be beneficial?

Great question- Absolutely! Your body is going through changes week after week, and that is not more true than it is in the 3rd trimester! As your body prepares for the “big event”, building strength and stability is even more important. Not only will you start to feel a difference right away, you will be prepared for the postpartum journey having already established movement into your routine! You’ve got this mama!

How long are the workouts?

Each workout will take you between 30-45 minutes to do, from home. They are easy to follow and can be done in your own time, in case you get interrupted in the middle! Super flexible!

What kind of equipment do I need?

Here’s what you’ll need! You can pick up all of these things on amazon, or at your local sporting goods store! 

dumbbells - large resistance band - small resistance band - bench or step - birth ball (optional, can substitute with bench) - pilates ball (optional, can substitute with pillow or yoga block)

When do I get access to the program?

Right away! Once you hit “purchase” you will be taken to the log in page where you will see all the workouts and educational videos right away! You’ll also get the link to join our Facebook community where you can connect with me and other mamas! 

What if I get pregnant again- Will I still get access to the course?

Once you purchase the course, you have it for life!